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 'Tongues Revisited: A Third Way'
A UNIQUE book with a NEW approach, challenging all traditional views on Biblical 'tongues' - both Charismatic (prayer language / heavenly language) and non-Charismatic (1st Century language miracle).

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This page is a doorway to a variety of different material which supports or illuminates in some way  the thesis of the book 'Tongues Revisited: A Third Way'.

 It should be noted that the existence of an article on this site does not imply necessarily that:

  1. the author of the article agrees with the thesis of Tongues Revisited, or 

  2. the author of Tongues Revisited agrees with everything in the article.

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  A Powerful Argument  - against the 'Language Miracle' view, the traditional NON-charismatic approach to Biblical tongues

  Robert Zerhusen - Discussion Group Contribution
New Discoveries...come from looking at things in ways never tried before

Robert J. Borer

  Brief Testimony - Devoted Charismatic to the Third Way

   Full Testimony - Devoted Charismatic to the Third Way

  Robert Zerhusen 1
A New Look At Tongues:

  Robert Zerhusen 2
'The Problem Tongues of 1 Corinthians: A Re-examination'.
Posted 30/4/2003

  Robert Zerhusen 3
'Detective Columbo As Theologian: A hypothetical description of the kinds of questions and overlooked details that Columbo might contribute if he investigated the "other tongues" of Acts 2'. Posted 30/4/2003

  David Crystal
'Why did the crowd think St Peter was drunk? An exercise in applied sociolinguistics'   
Posted 15/5/2002

  Edward Daniel Brotsky, D.D. Rev
'Pentecost/Shavuot - Spiritual Birthday of the Church - Pt. 2
All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them. Acts. 2:4' 
Posted 22/5/2002

  Michael P. Germano
'The Upper Room: Was It the Site of the First Christian Pentecost?' 

 Lee I. Levine
Judaism and Hellenism in Antiquity: Conflict or Confluence? Languages of Jerusalem  

  Q&A 1
Question :
What kind of historic representation does this view have?
Answer by Robert Zerhusen

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