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'Tongues' speaking so-called is controversial. People can wax lyrical and at great length on the issue. Some say the issue will never be, and can never be, finally resolved. The author disagrees. 

He is interested in feedback on the view of 'tongues' he is promoting. To feedback, click on any of the email addresses on the web site, and send an email with your comments. Addresses occur at the bottom of every page.

A few rules!!

Because there are only a limited number of hours in each day and only a limited amount of space on ClearSight's computer, correspondence by email also needs to be limited.  

Therefore ClearSight requests that :

bulletany initial email correspondence be limited to 150 word
bulletunder no circumstances are 'attached files' to be included with an email

The author will attempt to acknowledge any correspondence received. Depending on the nature of the initial contact, he may request further information if any is offered.

Thank you for respecting these guidelines.

Email addresses will be held confidentially.  They will not be sold or passed on to others.

Brief comments on the book from those who have read it, are invited, and may be posted on the 'Comments' page, over the writers initials - or name if so requested.

It would also be appreciated if any formal reviews made for Christian radio, papers, or magazines etc, be forwarded so they can be posted on the website.  Such reviews of course will require, name, date, edition, etc of the publication, and the name of the reviewer.

Thoughts on quality or otherwise of the website, or suggestions regarding it, would be helpful.

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