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Renton Maclachlan is married to Merilyn and has three daughters. They live in the city of Porirua in New Zealand, about 16km north of the capital city of Wellington, which is located right at the bottom of the North Island. They home schooled for fourteen years. Their eldest daughter married and lives and is nursing in Wellington. Their middle one is married and lives, and works in early childhood education, in Tauranga. The third has working on a dairy farm in Ohau and is engaged to married.


Renton and family love tramping (hiking, backpacking).
Here they are on the top of Moss Pass (1785m), 
between the West Sabine and D'Urville Valleys, 
Nelson Lakes National Park, South Island, New Zealand, Christmas holidays 98-99.
(See: Lonely Planet. 'Tramping in New Zealand', 4th Ed. p237-239)

Renton is a self-employed builder, who has worked for himself for twenty six years. He directed Scripture Union summer camps for a decade, taught Bible classes for years, and several years ago finished nine years involvement in running two youth groups. If you would like to download free the best youth group game Renton has come across, click on 'Best Game' link in side bar.


This is the camp site at Titirangi Bay, 'Fringe of Heaven' as it is called. It is found at the end of a 50km gravel road, 35km from the nearest shop, at the head of the Marlborough Sounds, South Island, New Zealand. It was the site of a fantastic Scripture Union, Inter-School Christian Fellowship summer camp for many years. Renton directed six camps here. Around 45 campers would enjoy seven days of sun-bathing, swimming, boating, fishing, tramping, living in tents, and Bible teaching - and exercises on the beach at 7am in the morning! 

Renton is active in publicly promoting the Biblical worldview and challenging  secular culture. In this regard he is a prolific writer of letters to papers, with many hundreds of letters published. He has written an eight page piece on writing letters to print media which you can download free (see 'On Writing to Editors' link in side bar. See also 'Letters 1-27' link to twenty seven + letters he has written on a variety of subjects to illustrate what can be done.)

He also lectures on the Biblical worldview and the Naturalistic worldview, and the conflict between them.

He has had articles published in :

bulletCreation (www.AnswersInGenesis.org)
bulletStimulus:The New Zealand Journal of Christian Thought and Practice
bulletChallenge Weekly

He presented a paper at the Stimulus sponsored Conference Making Crime Pay on Crime and Punishment, entitled 'What of Biblical Law?' See Stimulus Vol 2 Issue 3, 1994.

In September 2001, Renton launched what was (and is) apparently the first and only radio station in the world  - 'GenesisFM' - dedicated to promoting informed and provocative discussion of the question of origins and Biblical world view issues, all from a Creation perspective. GenesisFM has now been broadcasting on 88.1fm to Porirua, 24 hours a day, for four and a half years. Stations are also operating in Palmerston North (88.7fm), Otaki(88.1), and will soon be running in Nelson. It is also on the web at http://www.r2.co.nz/live-r.htm

He has three times (1996, 1999, 2002) stood as a candidate for the New Zealand Parliament for the only explicitly Christian Party in New Zealand. In 1999 he was only the second New Zealand parliamentary candidate ever, to use a personal radio station as a means of getting his message to the voters.


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