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'Tongues Revisited: A Third Way'
A UNIQUE book which challenges all traditional views on Biblical 'tongues' - both Charismatic (prayer language / heavenly language etc) and non-Charismatic (1st Century language miracle).


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What readers are saying about Tongues Revisited:
 I've found it [TR] so helpful, I wanted to purchase a few copies. One for my own easy reference, and another to give away/lend out. I still continue to push your book to as many folk as I can  #  ...utterly delighted with the book since reading it several years ago!  I find myself constantly quoting your book, almost invariably with a positive response  #  There's no question that the debate you have fired is extremely relevant...It seems you have spoken out at just the right time  #  In that beautiful and thoroughly Cantonese/Chinese environment it was almost surreal the depth of wisdom and practicality - the 'truthfulness' - this 'third way'  took on.  #   I found a work!...charismatic nonsense has been dealt a death-blow by Renton Maclachlan and his new book 'Tongues Revisited'   #   When I first read 'Tongues Revisited', I was moved to laughter of happiness and a little shouting.  As I read the first 2 pages of chapter one where Renton deals with the 'charismatic capture of language' I felt as though I had scales fall from my eyes.  "OF COURSE!"  Prior to this, I could never put my finger on what frustrated me so...For Renton's initiation to this concept...I am indebted...   #   Maclachlan has blazed a new trail in the tongues debate with a simple explanation which appears to me both plausible and convincing...   #   ...consistency, has supplanted confusion, conflict and contradiction...   #   I...congratulate you on a well argued and important work   #   Thank you for your splendid work...   #   I am on the second reading of your book... and am most impressed and thankful...   #   Congratulations again on a great book...   #   You put a good case for your approach, which has not been, to my knowledge, seriously argued by anyone else...   #   I am closing in on finishing my second reading of your book. The second time through has been a very fruitful experience

At last! Clear thinking on a confusing issue.

All views on 'speaking in tongues' must take into account the challenge of this book 

Are 'tongues' for today? Have 'tongues' ceased? 
Are the questions even relevant?

What's a 'diglossia' - and what's it got to do with Acts chapter 2?

Did the speakers of Biblical 'tongues' know what they were saying? 

What is the fruit the mind bears...and where is the fruit borne? 

'Sign gifts'...Is the idea valid?



Tongues Revisited: A Third Way

by Renton Maclachlan

a unique book on Biblical tongues
316 pages. Large format -
227mm x 152mm x 20mm

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'After having spent many years researching the topic of tongues in the New Testament, unfortunately, there are very few books which I wholeheartedly recommend on this subject. Tongues Revisited: A Third Way by Renton Maclachlan is THE exception... buy this book!'

Robert Zerhusen, M.Div., Th.M., has training in systematic theology. His interests include the application of cultural anthropology and linguistics to New Testament studies. He is Pastor at Oceanview Baptist Church, San Pedro, California.USA

'Renton Maclachlan has written what I regard as an outstanding contribution to the literature on this subject (tongues). I highly recommend this book.'

Dr Ronald Nash, Professor of Philosophy and Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida, and, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. USA

'This fascinating work has forced me to keep honest in my arguments. Renton's approach (to tongues) cannot be dismissed easily. Readers will find he grapples with the Biblical text seriously, thoughtfully and thoroughly.' 

Dr Peter J Lineham, Senior Lecturer, School of History Philosophy and Politics, Massey University, Auckland,

See DISCLAIMER on 'Foreword' page


'Tongues Revisited: A Third Way', a unique approach to the question of speaking in tongues. 

Tongues Revisited takes a bold, fresh, and innovative approach to the controversial question of 'tongues'. His church was ripped apart over a period of years by related matters. In all the mess, Renton set himself the task of resolving this key issue. 

The inability of both the Pentecostal /charismatic and the traditional non-charismatic views to deal comprehensively with the Biblical text, and the rampant confusion on the subject of 'tongues' in both camps, suggested the answer lay in a third way. 

His thesis is startlingly simple, persuasively argued, and exhaustively documented. 

Unlike other views, it logically and consistently fits all the Biblical material and provides straightforward solutions to difficult texts.  

Tongues Revisited is a remarkable blend of penetrating analysis, lucid writing, and practical application for all followers of Christ.


Acts 17:11

Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.' 

Proverbs 9:9

'Instruct a wise man and he will be wiser still; teach a righteous man and he will add to his understanding.'




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